The Salad Oil King New Book

With all the new corruption that seems to be going on in Washington DC these days I don’t know if we need more fictionalized stories, but The Salad Oil King looks like a good one. Whichever the case, the story of Alfonso “Fonso” Gravanese has all the elements needed to be a classic tale of … Continued

The Hunger Saint Book

So had the folks at San Francisco Book Review email me info about this new book The Hunger Saint. Hunger Saint is about Ntoni, a twelve-year-old boy forced to labor in Sicily’s sulfur mines to support his family after his father’s untimely death. These child laborers were called carusu or “mine-boy”, a labourer in a … Continued

Tiny, family-run Iowa newspaper wins Pulitzer for taking on agriculture companies

Art Cullen owns the 3,000-circulation Storm Lake Times with his brother John. His wife and son also work at the paper A small-town Iowa newspaper with a staff of 10 people – most of whom are related to each other has Storm Lake Times with his brother John, acknowledged it wasnt easy taking on agriculture … Continued