Equipment by Hesse Caplinger

About the Book:

In 2005, Charles Foster is suffering setbacks both personal and professional: he’s been pulled from jet-setting overseas duties and stuffed behind a lectern in a rust belt river-city town–where his wife and child have left him to return to the alabaster and cordials of Washington, DC. When he receives a pet assignment and an inevitable personal challenge, he discovers he may make the worst of them both.

Edmund LeFrance is a habitual gambler and itinerant hit man whose employer accepts a job from a CIA agent–it’s a simple fix that could have long-term implications.

Hoyt Gamlin is retired SAS from working-class Britain. A missing compatriot draws him from sunny Los Angeles into the search–and his characteristic aggression.

And Marek Hussar is a recent arrival–seemingly a businessman with little furniture and a wealth of kit–an eccentric and enigmatic foreign national whose motions and motivations interleave and unfold beside Foster, LeFrance, and Gamlin, as they each move to discover, subvert, and survive the intentions of the other.


“A well-written, thrilling adventure, Equipment takes the reader on a fascinating rollercoaster ride. Two main players, Doctor Howard Charles Foster, CIA agent, and Marek Hussar, a well-connected hitman, find each other in the most advanced game of cat and mouse you could imagine. And although the storyline is intriguing, what I found the most pleasure in while reading this book was the way it was written. The prose felt like a cross between a James Earl Jones narration and a scene out of Tarantino’s Pulp Fiction. The action was exciting, just as it should be, with car chases that not only describe the vehicles but also every detail as the driver shifts gears and the style of road he is on. The reader can literally hear the gears shift as the two vehicles race through the scene.” ~ Kristi Elizabeth, Manhattan Book Review

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About the Author:

Hesse Caplinger has written fiction, essays, profiles, and criticism. His work has appeared in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, St. Louis Magazine, Glasstire, and elsewhere. He is the author of the novels “Equipment” and “Terrain.”

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