Rep. Jordan confronts protesters but finds no common ground

Fremont, Ohio (CNN)Ohio Republican Rep. Jim Jordan acknowledged protesters outside two events in his home district Monday — a break with many other Capitol Hill colleagues who have largely avoided such scenes — but was met with shouts of disapproval. The Ohio Republican, a 10-year veteran of the House and one of its most ardent … Continued

Federal judge blocks travel ban for Virginia residents

(CNN)As the Trump administration grapples with the Ninth Circuit’s refusal to reinstate the President’s travel ban, a federal judge across the country dealt another significant blow to the executive order in Virginia late Monday, writing in her opinion: “Maximum power does not mean absolute power.” US District Court Judge Leonie Brinkema in Virginia granted a … Continued

The 100 best nonfiction books: No 53 The Varieties of Religious Experience by William James (1902)

This revolutionary work written by Henry Jamess less famous brother brought a democratising impulse to the realm of religious belief The United States is a society, first described in Thomas Jeffersons revolutionary words in 1776, that constantly rewrites its narrative in law, philosophy, economics and belief, as well as through poetry, drama and fiction. In … Continued

From book to boom: how the Mormons plan a city for 500,000 in Florida

The Mormon church owns vast tracts of US land, and now envisages a huge new city on its Deseret Ranch but at what cost? Everything about the biggest landowners in the state: the Mormon church. On an overcast weekday afternoon, Mormon missionaries give tours of the vast estate. Fields, orange trees and grazing animals stretch … Continued

Keep your legs warm with your quotes from your favorite books

If you like reading on the subway but hate schlepping a heavy book with you, there are a few solutions: You could get an e-reader, you could listen to an audiobook or you could wear your literature. If you’re fashion-inclined and adept at reading upside-down, you could wear a pair of tights with your favorite … Continued

12 revelations from Zayn Malik’s new book, ‘Zayn’

Image: delacorte press If you’re looking for dirt in Zayn Malik‘s new book, Zayn, proceed in another direction. The former boy bander sticks to his script about the boys in One Direction, maintaining that he just wanted to make different music and dim the spotlight a little. He addresses his broken engagement with Little Mix’s … Continued