Planet Q by Peter Quinones

About the Book

In this somewhat strange, completely original volume Peter Quinones invites the reader to try out hundreds of “story openers” with the following question in mind – If you started reading a story, and this was the first sentence, would you want to continue reading?


“This creative collection of “story-openers” will have readers experience a range of emotions. From jaw-dropping, raunchy headliners to diving into the rabbit hole of deep thought processes, Planet Q is full of fun, laughter, randomness, and is quite naughty at times. No subject is forbidden in this book of wonders.”

~ Kristi Elizabeth, Seattle Book Review

“Quinones is masterful in his use of language finding humor in contradictions while connecting incongruous subjects to create an alternate reality.”

~Rob Raglin, San Francisco Book Review

About the Author

Peter Quinones is the award-winning author of Comet Fox, Planet Q, and the #1 Amazon bestseller Postmodern Deconstruction Madhouse. Although his writing is sometimes controversial, he hopes that his books will encourage readers to laugh and contemplate the meaning of life. Visit him online at  or

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